As part of our activity lineup, we are hosting a fun tug a war competition.

We invite you to round up your friend signup to make a team of 7 people.


Saturday, August 5, 2017
Tournament begins @ 1:00pm


Civic Center Park
inside the Denver International Festival
Denver, CO 80205


(7) Players Per Team (all ages)


It's a polyester rope and features looped ends for anchor persons, so teams can get the most leverage possible.


  1. All tugs will be conducted on a natural grass surface.
  2. No electric sound systems, horns, whistles, etc. may be used in encouraging teams. This means anything other than the human voice is not permitted.
  3. Boots may be worn including combat, hiking, or other types with Vibram soles. No spikes, cleats, studs, hobnails, or other metal fittings will be permitted. This includes soccer or football shoes with rubber cleats. If there is a question on allowable footwear, check with the Tug of War officials before the event. Tug of War officials reserves the right to disallow participation if unsafe conditions are deemed to exist.
  4. No sticky substances may be used on hands or gloves.
  5. Each team is allowed 7 players on their roster. Only 7 players will tug at one time.
  6. Teams will be lined up so that the rope will be pulled on the right side (under the participants’ right arms). The anchor (the last person) will be permitted to tie in, and is the only member who can touch the ground with only his hands. No other team member is permitted to sit on the ground for more than five seconds, this includes the anchor.
  7. It will be the person first in line responsibility to notify the official that the team is ready to tug.
  8. The tug will be started on the command of the official. The team that pulls the rope 10 feet from the center will be declared the winner. A whistle or horn will signal the end of the tug.
  9. There will be a 90-second time limit on each tug.
  10. Prior to the beginning of the pull, no participant may “dig-in” to the ground.
  11. Lose and you're out the tournament.

After your first two rounds, game times are subjected to change. If not present at the start of your game, your game will be forfeited!