CommUNITY Fitness

Activity Location: The main stage at 10:30 am.


Let Us Know Your Coming! 

1TwoPunchFitness will be kicking off the Denver International Festival by warming you up and leading you through a fun 45-minute fitness class!  Designed to wake you up, get your heart pumping and ready to enjoy all the days' events!  Grab your friends and family and don't miss this fitness fun for all levels!

Jessica David Beal and Myk Suxxe are 1TwoPunchFitness.  This dynamic fitness duo has been leading group exercise events, group training, and personal training for over 15 years in the Denver Metro area.  Jessica and Myk are passionate about making fitness fun and inspiring for all those they come in contact with to live the healthiest life possible.  Both Certified Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors.  Jessica coaches for CYCLEBAR, Myk coaches for FITBODY, both Jessica and Myk coach for FIT 36, as well together they run a Sunday Funday CommUNITY Fit Camp.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, whether you are just getting started or taking things to the next level, 1TwoPunchFitness believes all things in life are handled better when you make taking care of yourself a priority.  Making fitness fun and helping those they come in contact with is what 1TwoPunchFitness is all about!